2017 Goals

With 2017 just around the corner I have been thinking about what I want to accomplish next year. Now, I don’t mean the obligatory buying all the gym gear going and throwing myself into it, for me smaller, more personal goals work much better and I ended up with a better sense of achievement as I tick them off. Moving out this year was a massive achievement launching me into full adult mode so I feel ready and raring to go into 2017! So without further ado, here are my goals for 2017…
Get on a plane
Ok, so, I may have contradicted myself here as getting on a plane is actually quite massive to me but I’m hoping to keep it close and do a little trip up to Edinburgh as it just looks stunning. I’m thinking of doing this fairly early in the year whilst its still quite wintery and cosy.
Blog Blog Blog
Just recently I decided to give my blog the ‘zhush’ it needed so I was ready to blog my heart away in 2017. I’m hoping to vary it up by posting on different topics and aiming to do a weekly (possibly each Friday) blog post with some snaps and tweets in between.
Most of this year I have been wanting to start Yoga but the ‘maybe laters’ and ‘I’m so busy’ moments took over and I just haven’t started yet. However I am lucky enough to live near a lot of gyms and Yoga instructors so I will be digging out my Yoga mat and heading out!
I’ll admit, this year has been up and down in regards to all things hair, beauty and fashion. However I recently had my hair dyed and I LOVE it. It was so refreshing to have something totally different and I’m so glad I finally took the plunge. I also want to spend a bit more time watching beauty tutorials so I can vary up my make-up and try new things as I have loved the festive season so far trying different Metallic Eye Shadows and sporting a festive lip. (I have been loving the Bourjois Rouge Edition in Plum)
I’ll hopefully have more on an update on this after Christmas as I have asked for some bits from the Happiness Planner store in an aim to begin journalling more and planning lots of exciting things!
I recently discovered Hygge and it has truly captured me. It is all about creating a sanctuary of coziness and living a more simple life. I can’t wait to research more into this and use it in day to day life
Have you guys got any plans in store for 2017? I would love to hear about them!