Creating A Vision Board

Where do I start! I love vision boarding, I love finding so many great ideas and expanding on what I love. If you haven’t heard of one before, I am hoping this post will persuade you to start! A vision board is a space dedicated to everything you love, that brings you joy and expands on what you love and brings you joy, hopefully helping to bring it all closer too you.
I created my vision board on Pinterest as I felt having used it so much anyway, my news feed was setup with everything I love, and it helped me start the board, however if you are feeling more creative you can grab your trusty Pritt Stick and scissors and get crafty, filling your board with images from the web, magazines, products, everything that makes you feel inspired! Your vision board should focus on how you want to feel, not necessarily materialistic things. My board is full of holiday destinations and quotes I love, and for some reason, even though I’m not planning on booking a holiday to that place yet, the images make me feel positive and boost me up!
Try to have your Vision board somewhere you can see it regularly, possibly daily to help bring you back to what makes you feel content and positive to set you up for a good day.
Using your favourite quotes is a fab daily reminder or a quick affirmation.
If you decide to use Pinterest, upload some of your own photos that you love, it’s a great way to feel more positive about what you have/have achieved.
If you are feeling more creative and want to make one from scratch, go wild, grab trinkets you have collected (you kept them for a reason, this could be it!) from events or holidays and pin them to it. Getting crafty is great for boosting your mood so you could even make a couple when you are feeling a little down, stick a good movie or programme on and you are set to go!
Fancy giving it a go? You can pop over and have a look at my board to get you started, or have a search and see what other people are doing too 🙂
Heather x