Cruelty Free Make-Up

By now I would have thought/hoped that no brands would still be testing on animals, I mean c’mon if more than 2,300 cruelty-free companies can, why can’t other brands stop. I certainly keep a better eye on the back of products to look for the logo to check it’s not tested on animals. So if you can, have a peak and maybe make an alternative choice, you never know, it might just be the best product you have ever tried! Here are a couple of brands who do and do not test on animals!
Companies that Don’t
Companies that Do
There is loads more information online if you do want to make the change and go cruelty free, head over to PETA where the have a great function for checking brands
And if you are out and about and you would like to check, there are a couple of logos you can look out for to check