Garnier Moisture Bomb Review

So I thought I would pop together a little review today for the Garnier Moisture Bomb Tissue Mask as it is currently in my giveaway and I have heard so many people raving about it and I can totally see why! You leave this mask on for 15 minutes and as it isn’t like my usual go to clay mask, it doesn’t dry out so you feel utterly relaxed. It smells diviiiine and feels so refreshing on your skin. You can’t really feel much other than the cooling and slight tingling feeling as it does its magic! After I had gently peeled it off I massaged it into my skin with my finger tips then used a cotton wool pad to gently wipe away the excess. In just one application this mask has made such a difference to my skin! It looks a lot more even and when applying my make-up it applied like a dream. As it has been rather cold lately I was suffering from redness and dry areas on my skin but now the redness has reduced and my skin feels so smooth. I would definitely recommend this product to everyone if you are looking for a quick skin booster. I have sensitive skin so have to be really careful with facial cleansing products but this has not caused any reactions. You can find this mask in Superdrug and Boots (and its currently on sale so hurry!)



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