Happiness Planner

I have had my eye on a Happiness Planner for a while so I decided to ask for one for Christmas so I could go into 2017 with a more positive and appreciative attitude.
It comes complete with the full 2017 diary, pen, stationary and worksheets. It is all aimed at training your mind to focus on the positives of each day, setting goals, self reflection and practicing gratitude.
Each day has a positive quote at the top and the beginning of each month has a bigger quote to get you ready for the month ahead.
They have a range of products on their website, you can get just the worksheets, half a year diaries, notepads and stationary so if you haven’t popped over to their site yet, head on over! uk.thehappinessplanner.com
Let’s all try to work towards a happier and more positive 2017!