A Little Heart To Heart

As you all probably know it was the Women’s March this week, a day for everyone to stand up together for the protection of women’s rights, safety, health, and families – recognizing our vibrant and diverse communities are the strength of our country. I noticed there seemed to be a lot of ‘confusion’ around this event with some people seeing it as a day ‘rabid feminists’ *cough cough Piers Morgan* came together. A lot of people see being a feminist as something for only women, this is the opposite, anyone can be a feminist. It is simply a principle, a goal, to define, establish and achieve political, economic, personal and social rights for girls and women.
I am proud to stand up and be a feminist. To support other women and try to create a more equal world for young girls to grow up into. It’s hard not to see that there is inequality between girls and boys, men and women. I read an interesting article recently on the Huffington Post  with Emma Watson narrating a short film ‘Hurdles’. “Around 15 million girls become child brides every year while 62 million girls worldwide are still out of school. Meanwhile, one in every three women will experience violence in her lifetime”. These are sad statistics however we are on the way up. Major steps have been made by countries to achieve Gender Equality, such as introducing the Equal Pay act and giving women the right to vote. But we need to work together to keep this going and stand up, be proud to be a feminist.
Check out the #heforshe campaign and the Global Goals for loads more information on what you can do to help and join the 1,302,941,659 people Taking action now to create a gender equal world.