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Due to the popular response on my most recent Photography basics post I thought I would pop together a quick guide on the more technical aspect to taking photographs as the next step up.

I am thinking of putting these posts together into a form of guide so if you would be interested let me know!

So lets go with an introduction to White Balance and ISO.

White Balance 

I thought I would start with White Balance as this is the setting I had the most questions about with regards to the colour tone in images. As a rule of thumb I would always say shoot during the day in well lit areas however this is not always possible so this is where the White Balance setting comes in to action. White Balance quite simply means, balancing the White. You can probably tell the difference when taking images in the day as opposed to the evening. The evening images tend to have an Orange/yellow tinge to them due to the low light, so by adjusting and playing around with the white Balance settings you can alter the temperature of the image. This will not totally fix the image to make it look like it had been taken in the day but it’s a step in the right direction to getting the best quality image as possible. Luckily most cameras come with a range of White Balance presets on automatic that you can play around with as everyone’s lighting is different.


Now onto ISO  ‘In very basic terms, ISO is the level of sensitivity of your camera to available light’. This setting work together with Shutterspeed which we touched base on in my last post. As standard the ISO is set at 100/200 which is good for simple daylight shooting providing minimal grain and allowing for a decent shutterspeed. However by shooting in low light situations, this would need to be changed to something higher to allow for a quicker shutterspeed and allow more light. Most cameras have AUTO ISO built in but I would recommend setting a limit to this setting to prevent excessive grain and noise within the image. (P.S sorry for the slightly scary image as an example!)

I hope you found this helpful and again any questions you have feel free to send them through! Happy Photographing!

White Balance image - Peachpit ISO image - Photography life    

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