Sometimes you need some ‘you’ time!

After the Winter it can be particularly hard to pull yourself out of a slump but it is so important to dedicate yourself some ‘you’ time to pull yourself back out and perk yourself up. When I am feeling a little sluggish and unmotivated I have a couple of go-to’s that really bring me back and make me feel much more positive and uplifted.

A big ol’ bubbly bath

This works wonders for me, completely relaxing and letting my mind unwind I end up feeling so calm and collected with a clear mind. The more bubbles the better I say! Why not treat yourself to a few Lush bath bombs too (you know you want too!) My favourite is the Flamingo Bubble Stick, it’s Flamingo shaped need I say more…!

A spot of baking

I love baking, and whilst I can’t afford to do it all the time, spending an hour creating up some delicious cupcakes gives me some girly time and creativity to pop together some delicious treats.

A long walk

Living on the South Coast I am only a 10 minute drive from the beach but I know some of you living further away unfortunately don’t have this however a walk around town or your nearest Woods works just as well. A bit of fresh air can leave you feeling rejuvenated and fresh with a more positive outlook.

Stick on your favourite movie

My favourite movie for a big lift up and a giggle has to be 13 going on 30. I love it. Pop yourself together a list of movies that give you a good laugh or inspire you and when you feel like relaxing but need a bit of a lift, pull it up, grab the popcorn and laugh away!


So they are just a couple of go-to’s for when I need some ‘me time’. I would love to hear about things you enjoy that lift you up!


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