My Top Tips for a Cosy Winter

With the temperature taking a sudden dip I have been upping the notch on making our flat cosy and making the best out of the dreary weather. So here are my top tips to getting Cosy this Winter!
Hot Chocolates
There is no greater boost to a chilly evening than a lovely hot chocolate whilst you stick on a good movie or curl up in bed.
Blankets and Throws
I recently popped into HomeSense and managed to pick up the SOFTEST and biggest throw for only £20! It is perfect for snuggling up in!
If you are anything like me, a trip into my local superstore could spell disaster! They are stocked up with Chocolates, Crisps, Party Snacks.. I could go on forever! Trying to eat healthy soon disappears out the window but there are many comforting healthy meals you can make at home. Pop over to my Pinterest and follow my ‘Healthy Ideas’ board for lots of foodie ideas!
I love cracking out the TV Times at this time of year to see what is showing on TV. From Christmas Classics to family films you are sure to find something great to wind down the evening with.
Ok I’ll admit I have a slight addiction to Candles, but can you really blame me with all that’s on offer! I usually get most of my candles from ASDA on the monthly shop but recently I went to the Winchester Christmas Market and picked up the sweetest Oil Burner. You simply top up the chimney with a few drops of oil (I chose Orange and Ginger for a more festive fragrance) and then light a tealight inside the house.
So they are just a few ways I like to get cosy for Winter, do you have any tips? I’d love to hear them!
H x